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about us

At Be Okay Collective, we believe that art has the power to heal and inspire.

We hope to bring light and positivity to your daily life through our fine art collections, mental health podcasts, and limited-edition sustainable products.

Our platform is a space for artists to unite and showcase their work and a community for anyone looking to explore their inner world.

Take a step back from the chaos of the world and immerse yourself in the beauty of art.

meet our team

Jessica Simonis, a fine artist, certified yoga instructor, and devoted designer, embarked on creating a community driven by her passion after a strong period of mental health struggles.

With a deep-seated commitment to rise above that period of time and hopefully help others lift off, find themselves, and find true friendships and a home to make their own, she envisioned a space where health intersects with creativity and art.

Thus, "Be Okay" became a haven for imperfect individuals seeking to enhance their lives by appreciating and applying creativity.

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