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premium knitwear

This is Where every stitch tells a story of sustainability and style! Our crochet accessories are crafted with love and care in very limited quantities, ensuring that each piece is as unique as you are.

We're passionate about using reclaimed 100% cotton

yarn from old items like clothes and accessories that have seen better days. When we can't find the perfect colors or yarn in optimal condition, we turn to small businesses in Bogota, Colombia – our founder's family's current residence city – for organic cotton, hemp, or wool.

But it doesn't stop there. We're committed to using yarn that's not only breathable and soft but also biodegradable and eco-friendly, requiring less water in the crafting process. Each accessory is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and quality.

While we're not selling knitted items, stay tuned for when the seasons change. When the colder months roll in, you can expect colorful and cozy chunky beanies to keep you warm or statement scrunchies to adorn your high ponytails and buns during the spring and summer.

Join us in our mission to embrace slow fashion and make a statement with every accessory you wear.

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